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                    1. Today’s shift in the sterling is now the second largest drop in history, after Black Wednesday. #EUref
                  1. (Not Black Friday that’d be dumb.) #EUref
                1. Manchester announced. #EUref @britainelects/746173974221041668
              1. The great irony is the parts of the country that receive the most funding from the EU are voting to leave it. People are sadists. #EUref
            1. 57% of areas announced so far. #EUref
          1. Jacob Rees-Mogg says that any recession that happens isn’t because of Brexit, despite economists saying otherwise. #EUref
        1. There seems to be an expectation from multiple parties that Cameron resign should Leave ultimately win. #EUref
      1. There’s a decent chance of another general election very soon too. #EUref
    1. Bristollllllll #EUref @BBCReferendum/746176653504745472
  1. Expected better from Bristol tbh #EUref
    1. Farage: “We’ve done it without a single bullet being fired.” Err, Jo Cox would beg to differ. #EUref
      1. There’s still a sliver of a chance actually. Remain has a tiny lead when you factor in Northern Ireland results thus far. #EUref
        1. Oh hey, now my mentions have people in the Leave campaign saying the murder of Jo Cox was worth it. Greeeeeeat. #EUref
          1. @Nigel_Farage You just crashed the global economy. Thx m8. #EUref
            1. What is this madness?! #EUref @britainelects/746181108891549696
              1. Michael Thrasher at Sky is predicting ~52% Leave, ~48% Remain. #EUref
                1. Idea: Possible for Parliament to reject referendum result on basis that the majority is not large enough or nations are divided? #EUref
                  1. ALL Scottish regions have voted to remain #EUref @BBCReferendum/746185030704185344