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  1. Twitter's (apparently quite purposeful) killing of third-party clients ends any chances that I consistently use Twitter again. Follow me on the Fediverse instead:
  2. Regarding the current discourse over The Guardian and the word "queer"—it's a letter, in the opinion section, from a person unassociated with the newspaper. Stop acting like it's The Guardian's official stance on it.
  3. I wasn't expecting them to bother rebuilding the Harbour Railway. That's nice! @BristolCouncil/1613929550659948545
  4. Through either ignorance or malice, Twitter is now starting to block third-party clients. Tweetbot isn’t the only one affected. Anyway, follow me on mastodon. @tweetbot/1613763746437947394
  5. I wrote about web development for once! CSS Logical Properties are cool — don’t use them.
  6. Can you imagine contrarians in the 90s arguing about how CDs would never replace the floppy disk because of something stupid like “you can’t scratch a CD!” and how they’ll probably come out with a higher-capacity floppy any day now.
  7. 2022 was a year! Here's a summary of all the nonsense I got up to. Don't worry, it has memes.
  8. Current status: Singing "Brighton and Hove" over and over to the Blankety Blank theme tune.
  9. I don't need tweet analytics to know that no one pays attention to what I say :3
  10. Turns out my Mastodon cross-poster is being shut down in a month or so (because of Twitter intentionally nerfing it), so now you *have* to follow me over there to get the good content.
  11. Found Spamton in a charity shop today.
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  12. ConFuzzled has been paid for. Oof ow my bank account.
  13. ↖ not a human ok
  14. Got a room at ConFuzzled 2023 whatwhat 🎉
  15. CW: A minor gripe about jobs in general (not mine, specifically) Employers where you basically need to be in a leadership or management position to get a decent raise/promotion/bonus are pretty meh. I don’t want to have control other people.…
  16. *beeps*
  17. Me: Bamboozled over how to make a client JS-only theme switcher without a FOLM (Flash Of Light Mode) on each page load. Also me: So accustomed to deferring JS initialisation in projects that I never thought that I could... just not do that. 🤦
  18. [Furry trash mode activated.] Gosh we have good fursonas. v huggable. 1️⃣ @integration_art 2️⃣ @Zwiebelprinz
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their APIoh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  19. The dark mode version of my website is (IMO) so much nicer than the light mode version, but I wanna have both around still so folks can use which they prefer for reading. Argh!
  20. CW: (Not) Spotify Wrapped (Because I use Apple Music.) Top songs: 1. Antonymph — Vylet Pony (57 plays) 2. Nothing is Safe — clipping. (56) 3. Bonnie — Vylet Pony (44) 4. Such Great Heights (Alt. Mix) — Ben Folds (38) 5. Black Steel — Tricky (31) Top…
  21. Aw snap my provider does managed Mastodon hosting now guess I’m gonna make a billion instances
  22. 🤔
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  23. tbh Twitter’s leadership at this point has devolved to the point that I don’t want to use it out of principle, but so many people I know refuse to move aaaaargggggg
  24. WikiFur has a list of furry-specific Mastodon instances if you were looking for somewhere that’d fit your vibe.
  25. Fur Affinity adds profile banner support: 🤔 > Must be uploaded in exact dimensions. > Exact dimensions are pretty awkward. > Site-wide news banner cuts off part of the image anyway. > Forcibly converted into artifact-y JPEG. > Does…
  26. Does anyone make a mechanical keyboard with the exact same layout as a UK Apple keyboard? It’s kinda annoying having all these sweet shortcuts and macros set up as I do but then having to change what physical keys I’m pressing depending on which keyboard I’m currently using.
  27. I robot.
  28. Should start actively referring to myself as a synth. Synth is a cool word.
  29. Spent a great deal of today writing my own Mastodon client that works how I want it to, which I can do because Mastodon’s API policies aren’t awful.
  30. Registered for the ConFuzzled lottery. Let’s see if I’m gonna attend a furry convention for the first time in 13 years or not. 👀
  31. My Mastodon, for the curious/preppers:
  32. Goddamn the moment they ignite the SRBs and she just fucking FLIES god I love it 💚💚💚 #Artemis1
  33. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this somewhen in the past, but Adobe Fonts, plz, tell me what OpenType features you have. (You too, Google Fonts.)
  34. Why do I prefer to write my name ‘beeps’ in all lower case? So that the b mirrors the p. That’s it. That’s the entire reason. Now you know.
  35. Can't wait for him to turn off the archive downloading microservice because it's not 'needed', thus breaching GDPR and bringing the ire of the European Union down on him. @IanColdwater/1592188128944705537
  36. Not too often I post about work, but a piece of work I’ve been involved in for most of this year has finally been released: You can now translate every single text string in the GOV.UK Design System. All of ‘em!
  37. I’m pretty sure my job role disallows me from commenting on this, so here’s a link, with no comment.
  38. Happy Therianthropy Day to my nonhuman kin :>
  39. The preview of new TweetDeck totally misses one of the benefits of TweetDeck, which is being able to show feeds from multiple accounts in one view—making you need to switch between accounts manually, like the regular Twitter website. Avoid.
  40. Hey, hey you. You wanna see the most badass nebula you’ve ever seen?